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Every November I put out an article with my NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, Championship, and All-American predictions.  I’m easily the most accurate Champion predictor in the game.  Check the report card:

2012: Kentucky Correct. Everyone else loved UNC that year.

2013: Louisville Correct. Indiana didn’t live up to the hype.

2014: Arizona Wrong. C’mon, no one saw UConn coming.

2015: Duke Correct. I told y’all not to believe the Kentucky hype.

While our blog doesn’t go back further, I also correctly predicted UConn in 2011, Duke in 2010, UNC in 2009 (that was a no-brainer, though), and had Memphis in 2008 when Mario Chalmers stole that prediction from me with Kansas.  How do I do it?  I watch a shit load of NCAA Men’s Basketball.  We’re talking 100+ games a year (not including the 65 tournament games).  I also watch (or go to) the McDonald’s High School All-American game every year.  Then there’s the HoopMixtapes on YouTube of the incoming freshman.  Using all that information, I make an educated decision and pick the teams I like.

But this article?  This is for shits and giggles. It’s way too early as too many things can change with players going to the league and/or transferring, but you should probably read it anyway (and read the updated version here). Read the rest of this entry »



Inspired by a article I read a couple of years ago, I decided to have a little fun on Craigslist tonight and see what people would be willing to trade for this weekend’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four tickets.  I posted an ad in the Indianapolis “for sale” section on, and waited for the responses to pour in. Read the rest of this entry »

Elon v Duke


In November before any meaningful games had been played, I predicted the NCAA Final Four would be Kentucky, Duke, Arizona, and Gonzaga.  Halfway through the season, I dropped Arizona from my predictions and gave the nod to Wisconsin.  Lo and behold, all of those teams made the elite 8, and since Gonzaga and Duke were in the same region, only 3 of my mid-season predictions came true.  You don’t have to ask, I’m crushing it in my NCAA pools.  Here’s how I think the 2015 Final Four will shape up: Read the rest of this entry »

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Selection Sunday is three weeks away and I have to admit, I have not watched as much college basketball this year as I would have liked. Come March 15, the entire sports world will be a buzz about which teams made the tournament, and which teams bubbles’ burst.

Luckily for those teams who will find themselves on the outside looking in, they still have three weeks to make their dreams come true. No, I am not talking about going to Disney World which teams can do whether they make this years NCAA Tournament or not.
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Devin Booker popped right back up after this foul sent him crashing out of bounds into the Tennessee cheerleading squad, but I doubt the same can be said for the poor girl he pretty much broke in half.  Check out a Vine of the collision after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »



Not sure if this is a serious issue, but when the head coach of Kentucky Men’s Basketball tweets asking the whereabouts of one of his players, you can never be too sure.  On Monday night, Coach John Calipari tweeted the following couple of messages regarding Trey Lyles: Read the rest of this entry »



I dropped my yearly NCAA Men’s Basketball preview in November, and I usually drop an update in January but I’ve admittedly been slacking.  Check out the latest rankings and who I think has a shot to cut down the net in April.   Read the rest of this entry »

712Duke NC State Basketball


With 3 top-10 teams falling on Sunday as Duke, Wisconsin, and Arizona all suffered losses, it felt like March Madness in January.  With the tournament a few months away, we look ahead at the rest of the NCAA Men’s Basketball regular season and what is in store leading up to the tournament. Read the rest of this entry »




UConn shocked the world last season when they cut down the nets in AT&T stadium.  The place was absolutely jam-packed with Kentucky fans, but it didn’t matter as Shabazz Napier became a two-time NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion.  No one saw that coming.  Not even me.

For the past few years, I’ve been dropping knowledge about the NCAA Men’s Basketball season before any of the games have been played in my yearly preseason preview.  The first USA Today’s Coaches polls is out: Read the rest of this entry »


Things tend to look a little bit different once you reorder the 2014 NBA Draft in terms of win shares.

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