Alex Ovechkin

Tonight during the second intermission of the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers game, resident knucklehead Mike Milbury, went on an epic rant about Alex Ovechkin.  As a life long New York Islanders fan, I have nothing but hate for this man.  But for once, he made the right move.  Exposing Ovechkin for the player he has become.

Ovechkin has become an extremely lazy player and is morphing into the Randy Moss of the NHL.

During his rant, Milbury drops this beauty: “A blind pass…eight-year-olds don’t do this in the offensive zone!”

Check out the video after the jump.

We can’t make this up folks.  Milbury actually made the right call here.  Ovechkin has become a shell of his former self. Just look at his numbers.  After averaging nearly 54 goals per season in his first five seasons, Ovechkin has “only” scored 32 and 38 in the past two.


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