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Survivor episode 3 starts off again with more Colton drama in the Galang tribe. He continues his drama and has been marked as a poison of the tribe. Before the redemption island challenge can even begin, Colton had something to say. Colton decided that he wants to leave the game. This is the second time Colton has played survivor and this is the second time he has quit. In the redemption island challenge, it is Candice, Melissa and Rachel competing. In the 114 degree heat, Candice comes out on top again and Rachel loses the competition. After the win, Candice gives a second clue to the hidden immunity idol to her husband John.

Once the tribes get back to camp, John decides to let Brad in on the hidden immunity idol clues. For the moment it appears that Brad and John are a solid alliance. Then the immunity challenge takes stage. This challenge had the prize of pillows, blankets and mosquito nets. The prize of comfort is something both tribes greatly need.  The Tadhana tribe needed this challenge because they lost the previous two. Unfortunately for the Tadhana tribe, they lost their third consecutive immunity challenge. The men of the tribe were upset with the women on their team because they smiled and laughed during the events they lost. Needless to say, there were some unhappy and upset members of the Tadhana tribe.

When Tadhana gets back to camp, Brad, John and the rest of the guys decide to vote out Ciera at tribal counsel. Once John leaves to find the hidden immunity idol Brad turns on John. He convinces the guys and rest of the tribe that John is a threat and should be taken out of the game. Brad’s plan works and John is voted out at tribal counsel. Now it is Candice (John’s wife), Melissa and John at redemption island.

Brad is digging himself a huge hole by slowly weakening his tribe by getting rid of the strongest players. John was loyal and posed no threat to Brad or the tribe. Now that the rest of the tribe is seeing what Brad is doing, they are getting anxious. His leadership has turned into a dictatorship. He has put a target on his own back and now its going to be interesting to see if the tribe turns against Brad.



YouTube user MagicofRahat is the master of drive-thru pranks.  He made a custom seat cover that allows him to recline and pull hilarious pranks on unsuspecting fast food employees.  This time, he put a skeleton at the wheel.  Hilarity ensues.  Check out the video after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

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As many of our loyal readers know, we are HUGE Braking Bad fans. So after five fantastic seasons, we felt the need to dedicate an entire episode of TSB Radio to the masterpiece that brought meth into many American’s homes. Special thanks to Baggy Dizzle and Jon Presser (@JonPresser) for joining Earl for this awesome hour.

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“You better work, bitch.” Such a simple sentiment that translates to everything. You want a hot body? Work, bitch. You want a Maserati? Work, bitch. It may be because I’m a product of the 90s, or that I respect my elders, but I’m hearing what she’s saying, so when Miss Britney says “work, bitch,” you bow down and do it. It kind of goes without saying that she lost her shit a few years back, but no one has done a comeback like her thus far. I’m still holding out for Bynes to come out of 5150 hold and be hysterical on her own TV show again, but that may be a reach. Hey, if Britney can come back from two kids, a marriage and divorce to the biggest wangsta to ever live, a head shaving incident, and beating a car with an umbrella, anything can happen. Check out the video after the jump.

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Pirates Fan Jumps Off Clemente Bridge
After the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Cincinnati Reds in the National League Wild Card Game tonight, a Pirates fan naturally jumped off the Roberto Clemente Bridge in celebration. Ummm, Ok dude. That probably wasn’t the smartest thing you have ever done in your life.

Check out the video…
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George Parros Knocked OUt
The NHL is officially back!  Tonight, George Parros of the Montreal Canadiens and Colton Orr of the Toronto Maple Leafs fought twice. The first fight was pretty good.  Each guy threw a few good punches.  But the second fight didn’t end the way anyone wanted to see it end.

Check out the video of Parros getting knocked out…by the ice.
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2013-2014 NHL Season Preview

October 1, 2013 by
Bruins fight

Can the Boston Bruins beat down the competition this year? Or will the Chicago Blackhawks repeat as Stanley Cup champions?

TSB’s 2013-2014 NHL season preview is here!  Not only will we give you our predictions for the upcoming season, but you will find out what division your favorite team has moved to, who is now on and off the team, and the new rules that are in effect.
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