Dear Que-Rod,….

July 19, 2010 by

Where has my fastball gone?

Dear K-Rod,

Remember that time you had 62 saves that year?  Yeah, that was awesome.  Also, remember that time you used to throw 97 or 98mph?  Those were some good times too.  I love how earlier in the year, you looked great with the glasses on again.  It brought out the intimidation again that your game had.  But you know what?  It’s just not working right now.  Maybe if you need to keep your mind fresh, you can start-up another tomato garden out there underneath the Shea Bridge?  When you are in the game, I’ll tend to it and make sure it gets plenty of water.  When you are on a road trip, I’ll have the grounds crew throw a little extra Miracle-Grow down for you.

I know nobody is perfect, but can you do all of us a favor and please stop blowing games for Johan?  Its one thing to blow a game for R.A. Dickey or Jon Niese, but every 5th day, we are counting on a W from our ace.  I remember when everyone loved the move by Omar and thought that 3 years at $39mil was a very fair contract for you.  Well honestly, do you think that was fair?  With the money we are paying you, we NEED you to pitch like K-Rod, not “Que”-Rod.  No question marks, no nail-biting, just lock it down.

We NEED the K-Rod from the early days with the Angels.  We NEED the blazing fastball and that insane curveball.  And please, can we stop hearing from you that you need to pitch a lot to be effective.  So if the Mets have a save situation tonight after your 47 pitch disaster, (I mean outing) yesterday, you need to be in there?  I don’t think so Frankie.  Bobby Parnell can come put your fire out.  He CAN hit 99mph on the gun you know?

I’ve seen you pitch in person for about a season and a half now, and I’m no pitching coach.  But can you please listen to Dan Warthen or whoever is coaching you, and start following through towards home plate instead of into Ike Davis’s back pocket?  How many times have you had a ball hit like a missile back up the middle and you are nowhere to be found?

Listen, I’ve had to endure the likes of Wagner, Looper, Benitez and Franco in the past 20 years.  Hell, I’ve even had to endure Anthony Young saving games for us.  So please…I’m begging you…for all he Mets faithful.please go back to being K-Rod.


Mr. Met