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Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode Photos

The halfway point of this season’s Breaking Bad can also be considered the boiling point for certain characters and the season. Shit is about to hit the proverbial fan. Let’s go through the boiling points one by one:

  • The episode starts off with Jesse playing a first person shooting game at his house. While he’s shooting his make believe victims during the game, memories of his real life victim (Gail) keep popping up. Though disturbing, he moves forward with the game…trying to move on. Read the rest of this entry »

In the middle of this week, I finally received my issue of ESPN the magazine. The whole issue was a dedication to Michael Vick. Whoa. From killing dogs to killing us softly (well, he isn’t killing you softly if you are an Eagles fan of course, but if you are, you probably deserve to die anyways). The guy has pulled a career 180. Even though I am a fan of the New York Giants and he plays the most important position for a hated division rival, I find it difficult to hate Vick. I love reclamation projects but even before he was one, he had a playground flair and a Hip Hop swagger that spoke to my soul and it still does. He has the skills to buck the belief that you need to be a pocket passer as a QB in order to win a Super Bowl.

And ESPN wants you to imagine what his and our lives would be like if Michael Vick was white.

Wait, what?!

Yep, on page 140 of ESPN the Magazine, there is an article written by a mystery man named Toure that wonders “What if Michael Vick was white?” Yeah, I almost threw up in my mouth too.

Luckily for us, the internet is full of awesome people like me who like to poke fun at stupidity. And boy, are they good at photoshop.

Let me present to you Exhibit A: What if Michael Vick was an actual Eagle! Read the rest of this entry »

I was going to write my EPL Power Poll today, but, in the aftermath of last week’s Spanish Super Cup incidents,  twitter was exploding with more news about Real Madrid’s caustic manager, Jose Mourinho (culminating with this utterly rambling incomprehensity), which got me thinking on the subject.  So the Power Poll will have to wait until later this week.  A word of warning to the wise – this post starts out with cold indisputable facts and quickly delves into wild unsubstantiated speculation.  It’s also rather lengthy and goes into a lot of Spanish history, which some might not find interesting. So, be warned.  Or, if you just want to get to the meat of things, skip about halfway down.

This year’s Spanish Super Cup pitted the two Spanish giants, Real Madrid C.F. and F.C. Barcelona against each other.  These two have an extremely old and passionate rivalry, and games between them are known as El Classico.  The first El Classico was played in 1902, and over time, it became a game that is more than just a game of soccer between two largest clubs in Spain.  Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a region in the northeast part of Spain. Catalonians consider themselves to be culturally different from the rest of Spain.  They feel Catalonian first, and Spanish second.  Everyone in Catalonia speaks Catalan in addition to Spanish, most as first language.  Catalan history is emphasized over Spanish.  The region, which at one point was an independent state,  has enjoyed various degrees of autonomy and self-determination as part of Spain, until the rise of General Francisco Franco. Franco, a fascist who was preoccupied with the idea of unified Spain, forbade all expressions of Catalan nationalism as part of his dictatorship. Read the rest of this entry »


By Chris Panetta

This week’s episode of Breaking Bad starts off with a Los Pollos “delivery” much like the one where Mike had to ice a couple of would be jackers, only this time it’s two other guys sitting in the back of the truck with assault rifles.  The jackers are a little more savvy this time, locking the guys in the back of the truck in and filling it with noxious fumes after putting a bullet in the driver’s head.  Despite trying to shoot their way out, these two guys aren’t as lucky as Mike and the jackers get away with the specially marked bucket containing the blue meth.

Meanwhile, Skyler is replaying the loving phone message Walt left in last week’s episode over and over.  It’s clear that she now realizes that this wasn’t a random “I love you and the kids” call- it was something much more than that.  The same message that was like Spanish Fly in Episode 5 has become far less of an aphrodisiac for Skyler and more of a warning sign.  Walt’s lying in bed, obviously hung over from last night’s dinner party with Hank and Marie when Skyler begins to pepper him with questions about the family’s safety.  She fears that what happened to Gale can and may happen to Walt or whoever is unlucky enough to answer the door.  Walt calmly tries to explain the situation, but Skyler keeps badgering him and badgering him.

Enter Walt’s best monologue of Season 4.  The man goes old-school Heisenberg on his wife in one of the best rants in Breaking Bad history:

“Who are you talking to right now?  Who is it you think you see? Do you know how much I make a year? Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it. Do you know what would happen if I suddenly decided to stop going into work? A business big enough that it could be listed on the NASDAQ goes belly-up, disappears. It ceases to exist without me! No, you clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!”

Read the rest of this entry »


Ladies and gentleman, we’ve got a bit of a Situation.

Tonight’s episode was chock full o’ The Situation and all of his classic antics. Bringing chicks home and causing drama.

Early on in the episode, as we all expected, Ronnie and Sammi get back together and the vomit fest starts back up again. If MTV spends any more than 45 seconds on these two the rest of the season, I’m going to have to stop watching. How many more times do we have to see Sammi and that dumbass smile of hers? She’s the most shallow person on the show and that’s tough to be. *Side note – was she not able to get her top lip through customs? God that’s annoying to look at.

Deena has been looking for love ever since last season, and maybe there is a chance she’s found it. The girls went to a cafe for lunch and she thought the waiter was cute. So naturally since he “spoke English good”, they exchanged numbers and he went out to the club with them later that night. After a 7 hour make out session at the club, they go back to the house and take over the bedroom. Too bad she’s rooming with Vinny and Pauly, because they really give her a hard time, in good fun, but essentially cause the dude to sneak out in the middle of the night. Poor Deena. Read the rest of this entry »

Ever since I started listening to The BS Report, I kept hearing about “The Challenge” and how it should be the “5th Major American Sport” according to Bill Simmons and his buddy “The Reality TV Czar”, Dave Jacoby. So I checked out “The Challenge: Cutthroat” and was immediately hooked.

The Challenge is the artist formerly known as the “Real World/Road Rules Challenge”, that placed teams or individuals from the two hit MTV reality shows against each other, and had a weekly elimination challenge that consisted of a group challenge to stave off being eliminated that week, or face another team to see if you stay alive. It was essentially Survivor before Survivor.

This season’s format was a great one. They put together teams of two people (teams are same sex) that have had a major confrontation on either The Challenge in a previous season, or on their respective show.

This added a great dynamic to the game. Which pair of “rivals” could put their differences aside and work as a team?

If you want to go back and watch the show to get caught up, you can catch all of the episodes leading up to this week HERE.

If you don’t want to know what has happened do not read on…. Read the rest of this entry »


Breaking Bad: Shotgun

August 16, 2011 by

Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode Photos

We all have it.  The fifth episode of the 4th season of Breaking Bad (named “Shotgun”) delves deeply into minds of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman while also reminding us that delusion is a colossal character flaw that could lead to the downfall of one or both of of the main characters in a micro and macro sense.   Read the rest of this entry »

10. Dennis Rodman

Leading off our list is recent Hall of Fame inductee “The Worm”.  No doubt Rodman is one scary dude.  Ridiculous amount of tats before everyone in the league got inked up? Check.  Multiple body piercings? Check.  Dresses up like a woman on a regular basis?  You get the idea.  He may be a different kind of scary, but be rest assured the guy didn’t average 13.1 rebounds on his athleticism alone.

9. Bill Romanowski (NFL)

Romanowski ingested steroids by the fist full and had a healthy serving of HGH for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Notice how I didn’t say allegedly?  One of the dirtiest players in the history of the NFL admitted said PED use during the BALCO scandal.  Between breaking Kerry Collins jaw and shattering the orbital socket OF HIS OWN TEAMMATE, this is one guy you do not want to mess with. Read the rest of this entry »

This is part two of my EPL Preseason Preview.  Read part one here.Quick addition to part one of the preview – since its publication, Newcastle has agreed on terms to sell left back Jose Enrique to Liverpool.  At the same time, there are increasingly strong indications that Arsenal will lose Samir Nasri to Manchester City, and Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona.  By the time you read this, these transfers might be official.  If so, in my view this propels Liverpool into the top 4, above Arsenal.

Now, onto part 2 of the preview.

11. West Bromwich Albion
Last Year: 12-11-15, 47 pts, 56 goals for, 71 goals against, Finished 11th
Important Players In: Ben Foster (G), Billy Jones (D), Gareth McAuley (D), Shane Long (F), Marton Fulop (G), Zoltan Gera (M)
Important Players Out: Scott Carson (G), Boaz Myhill (G)

Bromwich had the second worst defense in the Premier League last year, with 71 goals allowed. Two things will help – Roy Hodgson is known for his disciplined defensive approach, and the additions of Ben Foster, Billy Jones and Gareth McAuley are supposed to shore up the defensive personnel.  Bromwich already had a potent offense with Peter Odemwingie and now added Shane Long, who excelled as a goal scorer in the Championship last year.  If defense improves, so will the West Bromwich. Read the rest of this entry »