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**SPOILER ALERT** This article contains spoilers, as it is a re-cap of The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me”.  If you have not seen the episode and don’t want to ruin it, stop reading NOW.

The episode starts off with a flashback to the roof scene where Daryl is flipping out to the site of Merle’s severed hand with no sign of his brother.  Fast forward to present time, where Andrea and Michonne witness a military chopper make a crash landing.  Then there’s a quick commercial break where AMC continues to push quite possibly the worst TV show of all time, Comic Book Men.  Seriously, the show is terrible and makes me mad that Kevin Smith, the creator of some of my favorite movies of all time (Clerks, Mallrats) is involved.

Michonne and Andrea go to check out the helicopter crash, but they notice someone else has seen the chopper go down as well.  A group of men with SUVs, guns, knives, bows and arrows, and baseball bats start slaying zombies and put a knife in the head of the military man-turned-walker who was sliced in half in the crash (seriously awesome special effects).   Andrea is still sick, so between her puking all over the place and Michonne’s two chinless zombies, of course someone hears them.   Michonne slices both of her pet walkers’ heads off to shut them up, but it’s too late.   Someone walks up on them, and it’s Merle!

Merle has fitted himself with some sort of makeshift retractable knife-hand that he uses to kill a walker almost immediately.  He may be a redneck racist asshole, but he’s still a badass.  Merle has found himself some new friends it seems, which may be a blessing in disguise for Andrea as she receives some much needed medical attention.  Of course, Merle’s got a bunch of questions, mostly about the whereabouts of his brother Daryl.  For someone who had to practically gnaw off his own hand in order to survive over a full season and a half ago, Merle looks pretty good.  He’s such a dynamic character, I’m happy he’s back.

We quickly meet another very important character (who was also one of the guys inspecting the chopper crash), the Governor.  If you read the Walking Dead comics, you immediately know who this man is.  It’ll be interesting to see how they integrate this character into the series, as shit gets REAL in the comic once the governor is introduced.  Merle and the Governor bring the girls back to their community where 73 people live under the Governor’s rules.  Michonne and Andrea want to leave as they don’t trust Merle or the Governor, and demand that they get their weapons back.  The Governor shows them the front gate which is heavily guarded as walkers line the outside.  Pop! Pop! Pop! 3 more walkers iced.  Wisely, they stay the night.

As the girls are being shown their way around the place and having the rules explained to them (curfew etc) the Governor is  interrogating one of the survivors of the plane crash.  The man is badly injured, laying on a hospital bed.   He tells the governor about a caravan where several other military guys are hiding out.  Bad move, buddy.  Bad move.  Your friends are as good as dead.  The Governor is just trying to get as much information out of everyone as possible so he can use it to his advantage.  Hopefully, Andrea doesn’t tell him too much about Rick, Daryl, T-Bag and the gang (who were not in this episode at all).

After questioning the crash survivor, the governor talks to a man who seems to be doing experiments on Michonne’s beheaded walkers.  They learn that if you take away a Walker’s means to bite/eat, they become more docile.  The Governor goes as far as to put his fingers where the beheaded walker’s mouth would be.  Something’s off about this guy.  He is CREEPY.
Andrea seems to be looking a lot better.  I thought she was near death before they encountered the Governor and his people.  After an IV and some breakfast she seems to be back to full strength if not close to it.  For some reason, it seems all of the Governors people fear him.  Everyone does what he says and is afraid to question him.  Even Merle, the badass that takes orders from no one seems to cower in front of the Governor.

The Governor heads for the outpost where a few heavily armed men are hanging out in their trucks and SUVs.  Under the ruse that he’s there to help them and bring them back to Woodbury (the community), he gains their trust as he pulls out his 9mm and pops one of them in the chest.  The rest of the men are quickly gunned down by the Governor’s men hiding in he weeds.  It didn’t take long for us to see the Governor’s true sick, sadistic side as he uses the butt of a rifle to smash a man’s head in.   As they take all of the trucks and supplies with them back to the compound, it’s now clear why the Governor and his people are so well stocked up.  They take whatever they want with force.

After addressing the community as a group, the Governor retreats to his quarters in it what is undeniably the most disturbing scene in Walking Dead history.  Dude’s got a room full of fish tanks all lit up, displaying severed heads!  The fuck?  Cue creepy theme song as the camera pans to the newest head in his collection- the helicopter pilot.  Talk about a dark episode.

By my count, they killed 10 walkers (4 by the helicopter, Michonne’s 2 pets, 1 Merle iced, and 3 outside the walls) and 10 people (2 in the helicopter crash, 7 at the caravan and later the pilot) in this episode.  Decent balance of walker-to-person kill ratio.  Be sure to check back with us next week after The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4.