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It was announced and expected coming into tonight, that Raw was going to be a tribute show to the Ultimate Warrior after his passing just days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. There was a ten bell salute to start the show with a nice video package and throughout the night a number of “Ultimate Moments” were shown.

WWE also announced this week would be Warrior Week on the WWE Network with the following scheduling:


About an hour before the show, it was announced there would be an 8 man tournament to determine the number 1 contender for Big E’s intercontinental title. The bracket was as follows:


I’m a sucker for brackets, mainly because it reminds me of King of the Ring and gives me the chance to post this clip even though it wasn’t part of the actual tournament:


Quick Results

RVD defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall


Rybaxel defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust via pinfall


Paige defeated Alicia Fox via submission


Orton & Batista defeated the Usos via disqualification after The Shield interfered

Cesaro defeated Mark Henry via pinfall
Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods (with R-Truth) via submission


Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall


Fandango & Layla defeated Santino & Emma via pinfall

Bad News Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall


Every mid-card heel (3MB, Titus O’Neil, Rybaxel, Alberto Del Rio, Alexander Rusev, Fandango, Bad News Barrett, & Jack Swagger) defeated The Shield via disqualification after Reigns speared Ryback outside the ring and leading to the return of Evolution


WWE gave every fan in attendance tonight an Ultimate Warrior mask which was pretty cool. My all-time favorite Ultimate Warrior moment is because of Andre the Giant. One night me and my dad were watching old school wrestling on MSG when this glorious moment at 2:30 occurred:

It was announced early on in the show that Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be there because he was on his honeymoon with Brie Bella. I don’t see a problem with this because it’s not like being the champ stopped the Rock from never showing up to Raw.

I’m surprised there was no AJ at least on commentary for Paige’s match. Cesaro seems to be the favorite to win the tournament, which makes me think that it won’t happen. Swagger was eliminated tonight and I can see him costing Cesaro a match leading to a match between the two at extreme rules. I hate to admit it but I laughed at Cena’s photoshopped picture of Bray Wyatt as Sister Abigail. Steph continues to come off great in the segment that teases the return of Kane’s mask. I didn’t watch for the few years that Evolution existed, but marked out a little when I heard the theme song. Triple H’s streak of not burying people ends at 1 week

Main Takeaways from tonight:

Round 2 of the tournament to be named number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Title will continue next week.


John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match was announced for Extreme Rules

The return of masked Kane is being heavily hinted

Evolution reformed with Triple H, Orton, and Batista entering them into a feud with the Shield

Tweets of the night:


h/t to @ZProphet_MMA for gifs and video