Sage Northcutt is the mother fucking truth.  It’s OK if you haven’t heard of him yet- he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, but the 19-year-old kid has enough martial arts World Championships to cover an entire wall where he trains.  He recently dismantled Francisco Trevino in just 57 seconds at UFC 192 on Saturday night, and is poised to take over the lightweight division.  I’m not jumping the gun here.  Check out the highlights from this weekend:

In five professional fights, the kid has five finishes.  Northcutt looks like a create-a-player from a fighting video game.  His hair has been compared to Guile from Street Fighter, and his abs make the Jersey Shore’s Situation look like a fat slob.  I wasn’t kidding when I said Northcutt had enough World Championships to cover an entire wall.  Dude doesn’t need to paint his shit there’s so many accolades in his gym:

The amount of distance he creates with his side and spinning side kicks is incredible.  His opponents fly backwards when he makes contact, often falling to the ground in pain. His speed may be unrivaled in the UFC’s lightweight division, which is going to be a problem for his future opponents.  It may be a while before he gets in the cage with Rafael dos Anjos, Anthony Pettis, or Giblert Gilbert Melendez, but I’d be shocked if this kid isn’t a future UFC Champion at some point in his career.

The last true martial artist in the UFC that got me excited was TUF’s Uriah Hall.  The brutal knockouts he delivered on season 17 had me thinking he was going to be something special, but his career hasn’t exactly turned out as I once expected.  Uriah Hall failed to win the TUF Finale, and has compiled a 12-5 record in his MMA career to date.  He’s coming off a performance of the night bonus from his last win at UFC Fight Night a week ago, so my initial inclination may still pan out.

Northcutt is a different fighter than Hall, though, in that the kid has the killer instinct that Hall lacks.  Where Hall shows remorse when he knocks people out, Northcutt looks to finish all his fights in spectacular fashion.  I expect Northcutt’s career to have a meteoric rise in the next couple of years, and MMA fans should be excited to watch this kid fight.