The whole cast is back plus 15 more people.

The whole cast is back plus 15 more people.


So I lost a bet and was forced to watch the entire season of “Fuller House” on Netflix.  OK, that isn’t accurate. This was a show/series that needed to be watched out of morbid curiosity and when I say morbid I mean MORBID.  If you can handle watching a show like “Melissa And Joey” and like to do acid then this is the show for you.

As a kid growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s I suppose I was a fan of “Full House” even though the show was a non-stop cheese-fest of sappiness but that was more tolerable back in those days.  When I first heard of this reboot I thought that it was possibly the worst idea ever. And seeing the first teaser trailer which consisted of sappy music playing over footage of the abandoned Tanner residence certainly confirmed my suspicions. However, once you get past the blow job fest that is the first episode the series is actually sort of amusing in an awful kind of way. It’s full of awkward and semi-uncomfortable jokes, especially when Uncle Jesse or Uncle Joey says something sleazy to one of the girls. But if you can get past all that you can enjoy the ride of silliness.  The highlight of this series is definitely Andrea Barber who plays Kimmy Gibler. She has a ton of show/scene saving lines and her character is quite enjoyable even though the storyline with her soon to be ex-husband Fernando is boring and her daughter is kind of horrible.  DJ’s kids are funny, even though she is hurtful to watch at times especially when she throws out her popular “Oh my lanta!” line that wasn’t funny in the 90’s and still isn’t funny now.  Jodie Sweeten’s character is interesting because her backstory seems to loosely mirror her actual life from the last fifteen years world as a DJ. She’s been touring the world as a DJ named DJ Tanner (OMG!) and from the few times we see her DJ an event I can’t imagine how she was getting jobs. There are thirteen episodes, eleven of them are pretty enjoyable and two of them should be banned in most countries.

Racially insensitive is a nice way of describing this episode.

Racially insensitive is a nice way of describing this episode.

There’s an episode in which DJ throws a going away party for her creepy boss and because he’s going to India it becomes an Indian themed party which means everyone dresses up like it’s a Bollywood movie from hell. That episode coupled with the following episode in which Kimmy and Stephanie accidentally make out (Studio audience goes “Ooooo”) almost sink the series but they recover in the finale episode which ends up being arguably the best episode in the series. We see John Stamos the most in terms of cameos,  which makes sense considering he’s partially to blame for this series. Uncle Jesse looks like he’s been drinking blood for the last twenty years and now has a weird obsession with fried chicken.

Ultimately the main plot revolves around DJ moving on with her life after her husband dies and then ruining the lives of her old boyfriend Steve (Who is either wearing a wig or his forehead is growing at a rapid rate) and her co-worker Matt who seems like a good guy even though he’s like 10 years younger than her.  (Spoiler) The series comes full circle as the three ladies decide against running off with men so they can continue living at the Tanner residence and ensuring themselves at least one more season of hilarious episodes!

Side note: For all you sports fans, Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants makes an appearance as Stephanie’s boyfriend in one episode. It starts off amusing but then he becomes a silent era movie star with lots of awful facial expressions as Stephanie awkwardly breaks up with him in front of an entire stadium of people.  Also while the Olsen Twins do not make a cameo, they are referenced several times in amusing ways.  But I heard a rumor that they will appear in the second season…as the villain.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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  • Eric M

    Whatever happened to .. Spoiler Alert Notification…The milkman…. Otherwise great review, I appreciate the incite and will start watching

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