Hello craft beer lovers, and to all of you who are new to the experience. It’s another extremely cold evening in New York and the perfect time to enjoy an awesome beer. Clearly, stouts and porters are my favorite so I will continue this trend and review some of my favorites for you all.

Last night, on TSB Radio, I started the new feature of introducing Beer Mentality’s “Beer of the Week”. Please listen in, in the future, as we will be talking craft beer on top of sports and other American nonsense.

In the last couple of years, I’ve become quite fond of supporting craft breweries from the Northeast as I’m from New York and my fiancee is from Massachusetts. Brooklyn Brewery was one of the first I stumbled onto and has become a staple in our fridge. Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout was my drink of choice as we celebrated our anniversary at Press195 (a phenomenal sandwich restaurant — check them out here!) and it was love at first sip.

The beer is bitter and sweet, like dark chocolate. It’s pretty smooth but not creamy and chocolate-y like other chocolate stouts; it’s safe to assume that “Black Chocolate” not only has to do with the color but the type of chocolate brewed in it. The head was foamy and darker than other stouts, a cool surprise. Having it on tap was excellent. I know this beer is supposed to be very, very good once it ages (I currently have one from 2012 in the fridge, so I’ll let you all know!) but having it poured in a pint glass as I devoured wings and a sandwich was absolutely wonderful. I had two of them and felt pretty, pretty good afterwards (10% ABV so this beer packs a punch)

If you can, try this on tap and pick up a 4-pack immediately. Enjoy it on a cold winter evening with dessert (or whatever; it’s honestly that awesome).



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