This year’s Philadelphia Tough Mudder was held at Jaindl Farms. I signed up for this event not really knowing what to expect. All I heard about the Tough Mudder was that you will get muddy, wet and tired. In addition, I heard this event is difficult and you need to train hard for it. The days leading up to it, I was nervous and not really sure that I should have signed up for this. Thank God I did.

The Tough Mudder was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. For someone like myself, that works out regularly and is trying to make strides to being more physically fit, the Tough Mudder tested me. It tested me physically, emotionally and physiologically. I’m not here to brag about how well I did at this year’s Philadelphia Tough Mudder. I’m here to tell you that the Tough Mudder may be one of the best and well organized sport/recreation activities in the world.


They had everything down to a science. Once you get close to where you are assigned to park, there are road signs, cones, and staff to direct you the right direction about a half mile away from your destination. That was a huge plus. When you park, there are bathrooms set up before the buses, which came in handy for those who had a long trip. After a quick trip to the bathroom, the shuttles were there waiting to drive you to the event location. When you get off the shuttle, you get your tag and bands, put your bags away, and get in the line to start your event.


If you are worried about getting injured, hungry or thirsty during the event, worry no more. There is medical staff everywhere and before the race the “mudders” were taught a cross arm sign that helps signal medical personnel. They supply you with the perfect amount of cliff bars, bananas and water throughout the event. Not only will they supply you adequately, but the event itself was a trip of a life time. The obstacles, track, and terrain were great. They seemed to come at perfect times. When your lower body became worn out, they provided you with upper body obstacles.


The best part about the event was that in each step of the process, there was no waiting around. There was never a point where me and the other guy I went with stood around and thought “wow this is taking forever.” They have the entire process down to a science from the time you get close to the parking lot until the end of the event. This has probably been one of the best sport/recreation events I have ever taken part of.  I encourage everyone who wants to test themselves physically to give the Tough Mudder a try. There is nothing better than a sweatband and a beer at the end of a challenge!